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Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
is continuing to improve. europe seems to be stablizing, and energy prices are steady. big companies at home and abroad are flush with cash and looking for reasons to invest. on the negative side, the recent tax increases resulting from the fiscal cliff deal will hit successful small businesses hard, which will dampen growth and hurt job creation in the first part of the year. as illustrated by the chamber's latest survey of small business members, there is a -- which you should have at your places, there is significant uncertainty over health care, regulations, taxes, and deficits. last week's jobs report was mediocre. only 63% of our eligible work force is even participating, and we don't see much improvement in unemployment through the year. so while our economy may be growing, it is fragile growth and not nearly strong enough to create jobs americans need or to expand their incomes. and now, we face a series of new washington deadlines over the deficit spending, the debt ceiling, sequestration, and a continuing resolution to keep the government running. we also face another domestic and
Jan 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
time and effort and energy and heart rate goes into something and experiences to stand up for what's right. >> i could not let it go. it just was not right. i could not let go. the law is on my side, and all it did was talk to the supreme court about this ruling until the next ridiculous case that came. it was on the wrong form or wrong date -- it should have been let go. but they thought, okay, just let that one go. the shots were not called in a correct way, in my opinion. she is right. it's a long fight on individuals and hard on families. we cannot leave home on a vacation or go on a trip because we needed to be in reachable place for the attorneys for 10 years. it took nine years in 18 months. >> were we thinking at the time? >> you don't see any cases in the paper that are quick fixes. they dragged him out. equal employment commission has more money than i do a lot of work with them now are you would think that they are doing is training governments that don't bring in the official people to train them and what they should be doing. and they go in and train those people, and
Jan 7, 2013 8:30pm EST
no serious effort to block energy from those from the persian gulf. it's because we've been there and we were there when saddam hussein invaded kuwait. i worry that the rebalancing may not be a rebalancing and may be a pivot as originally described and we will move from the middle east and, i can understand the desire to leave the terrible part of the world for people making problems there. i spent a good part of my career working in east asia. the one job you didn't mention, i think my favorite which was ambassador to indonesia. i loved the focus on asia. i think it's important. but unfortunately, the middle east county going -- isn't going leave us alone. i thought about the fact that americans are no or notoriously short memory except when it comes to our own civil wars. it has the great advantages. one cannot manage the french treating germany post world war ii the way they did. we're all better for it. we don't like vacations as much as the french probably do. we love vacation from history. we took one for twenty years after world world war i. it was probably the longest and we took one
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3